Skilled Nursing

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SMP Long Term Care builds a strong long lasting partnerships with the facilities we serve. We strive to provide superior service to all nursing homes. Our close proximity to the nursing facilities allows residents quick access to their medications.

Skilled Nursing Services:

  • Topical, oral, and IV medications
  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management
  • Consultant Pharmacy Services
  • Formulary Management with Therapeutic Interchange Protocols
  • Members of the Inter-disciplinary Care Team
  • Paper or eMar's
  • Medication Carts built to fit your needs
  • 7 day, 14 day, and 28 day packaging options
  • Emergency Drug Boxes customized to suit your needs
  • After Hours 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Daily or Twice Daily deliveries
  • Meds to Beds Program upon patient discharge
  • Nursing Education/Inservice

For more information on LTC Pharmacy Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities, call Molly Beimel, Director of Pharmacy at 814-834-7180.