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Our Consultant Pharmacists utilize RxPertise Software to perform their Monthly Medication Regimen Review RxPertise™ allows our Consultants to provide state of the art reports to SNF's while remaining SOM compliant. Visit https://www.rxpertise.com/home/ for additional information.

Key features include:

  • Flexibility in arranging data elements within our database
  • Easily create new recommendation categories, routings and auto-text
  • Ability to share robust data between pharmacists using our Import/Export engine
  • Integrate data with several pharmacy dispensing and eMAR systems to populate resident demographic and medication order information

Extended Features:

Powerful and robust features to help drive accuracy and efficiency in the management of your Medication Regimen Review

  • Clinical Monograph and Interaction Capabilities
  • Import Pharmacy-Dispensing Data
  • Import eMAR Data
  • Pre-phrased Templates for Regulatory Compliance
  • Clinical Tools
  • Customizable work environment
  • Auto-Updater
  • Data exchange with other colleagues using RxPertise
  • Reports and Graphs Compatibility